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Speech Recognition Wiki
Summary Community speech recognition site, with an emphasis on Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7.3/8 and Microsoft Speech Recognition

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Solutions to common problems, advanced scripting macros and more


Solutions to common problems
AccurateDictationEverything you need to know about getting highly accurate dictation
BadCorrectionWindowSometimes on the correction window, "correct X" is inserted instead of the correction
ChangeResultsBoxFontSizeHow to increase the Results Box font size.
CustomEditControlsOptions for using NaturallySpeaking with nonstandard Windows
DNS73AndXPSP2Installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7.3 on Windows XP with service pack 2
ImproperSpaceBeforeaCommaIn DNS 8.0 sometimes an extra space gets inserted before a comma. This may occur after running the Acoustic Optimizer
PerformanceTipsSuggestions on how to improve the responsiveness of Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Referencing_a_DNS_macroVBA code from MS word or other applications has to be "referenced" to DNS in Advanced Scripting macros. This references the applications Object Library (OLB) to DNS so that they can share the code.
SDKConfusionbasics of the DragonNaturallySpeakingsoftware development Kit
StartWithMyUserLoadedhow to start Dragon NaturallySpeakingwith a specified user



BadCorrectionWindowSometimes on the correction window, "correct X" is inserted instead of the correction
BoilerplateWithMenusSample boilerplate text with DNS dropdown menus to insert different text
ChangeDNSPriorityUsingWindowsAPIChanges DNS Priority Using Windows API
DlgShowMethodUse the DlgShowMethodto access native DNS Functions
GrabXYZSelect more then one item in a drop down menu
MacroFragmentscommonly used fragments of code
MouseScriptsMouse Macros Press and hold, or release held, left/middle/right mouse button
OpenVocab'open Vocabulary Editor' is 10 syllables long. Let's shorten that.
RodsKeyPressMacrosKeypress macros
What_Is_TheWeatherCheck the local weather report using DNS. Example of using objIE to open and read Web page.


FreeTools and more.

NatLinkcreate macros using Python in any version of NaturallySpeaking
Vocolacreate keyboard macros quickly and easily without programming experience(add-on package to NatLink)
ShortTalkExperimental: Aspires to be a perfect and universal spoken language for editing and other intensive computer-mediated tasks. EmacsListen, the GNU Emacs code base in this project, implements ShortTalkand addresses key usability issues in dictation systems
IdentifierCacheExperimental: Tool for entering and selecting identifiers in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
AccuracyTesterTest the accuracy of your voice or a recorded transcription
VocabToolDelete proper nouns from your vocabulary
KeyTestReports the keystrokes being sent
WindowsKeyallows Advanced Scripting macros to use the Windows key
EnhancedMouseGridEnhanced MouseGrid command
SpeechUINEWAccess information, your music, RSS feeds and more with just your voice; you don't even need to be at your computer.
Media CommandsElectronic Brain Machineoffers free Media Speech Commands for DNS Pro and the Microsoft speech engine. These commands allow you to control your media players, such as Windows Media Player.








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