Screens are vital to useability when it comes to a computer system or a mobile phone setup. They will be what we use to view text or numbers in an office situation or at home.

To be able to connect to a remote Mac will, therefore, be a useful thing to be able to do in many situations.

Multiple Screen Set-Ups in Offices

Any piece of software is useful when it will support multiple screens or connect many monitors. Offices now are not just having to stretch to larger screens for staff to work on but also providing them with two screens or more. This makes working easier for the following reasons:

  • Dual monitors make collaboration between employees easier.
  • You can work on one project while looking at another.
  • An additional viewing area is provided.

Multi-tasking employees will benefit greatly from having more than one screen at their desks. It saves getting in and out of one window to view another when there is something else you are being asked about.

If searching for information, you can copy it straight into what you are working on, being mindful of plagiarism, of course. Be careful too that you check the information with more than one other online source before trusting it to be true.

It can be a toss-up as to whether to have a larger screen or several monitors but several would seem to be of most benefit when working on multiple documents at the same time. Larger screens only allow for so much to go on at the same time without taking something out of view.


We can think more of productivity when we think about the office situation. Using two screens is thought to increase productivity in many situations. Businesses would not invest in two screens otherwise. The screens that we use can be about convenience and ease of working but ultimately have to save time to prove to be cost-effective as well.

Research has demonstrated that the average time that it will take someone to complete a task is much lower for people who are using two displays, compared to a person who is using a laptop or traditional desktop. You only have to consider how long it takes to close one window down and to open another to know how much time throughout a whole day can potentially be wasted. It is an investment to have the right set-up when it comes to what a computer displays to you.

It is good to have more screens to view on and remote access to any of those screens from wherever you are.


Gamers will make use of multiple monitors. A dual monitor setup makes it possible for them to enjoy multitasking as they are playing a video game. 

Where there are downtimes between activities, perhaps waiting for others to join a game, then there is no need to get out of the game, which can be on pause, because another screen can be used for perhaps searching in the interim.

We can therefore conclude with confidence that anyone is much better off with more than one screen or monitor to view when they are using a computer. On a mobile phone, we can only enlarge our screen, but when working on a computer, we can have more than one monitor on our desk to view and complete tasks. This makes things go much quicker and easier. It is well worth the investment for businesses.

Now we know we need more screens, we need a way to connect them all, and that is where software can provide the solution for that. We can connect to these screens wherever we happen to be for continuity of working. Remote working is the future and technology has made this possible.